Danzco. Dance Academy in Montgomery, TX


Recital 2016
Saturday, June 11th

Why Choose Danzco. Dance?

We recognize you have a lot of options when it comes to dance studios.

What makes Danzco. Dance different?

Reason #1: We're WILD about our students!
Our quality staff provide our students with not only excellent dance instruction, but also lifelong attributes such as self-confidence, creativity, and health.

Reason #2: We're WILD about our studio!
Danzco. Dance prides itself on our beautiful facilities, spacious dance floors and family friendly waiting area.

Reason #3: We're WILD about dance!
We teach a variety of dance styles and methods, and offer a fantastic annual production, competition opportunities, and master classes which showcase a variety of teaching styles and techniques.

Danzco. Dance Academy - We're not just about the steps... it's about the kids!

Danzco. Dance Birthday Parties!!
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