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Danzco Dance Academy was founded by Juanita Sanders in 2002, and is the true model of a family-run business. Juanita is joined by her sisters, Angela Downs (Assistant Director and Instructor), and Beth Clayton (Team Precision Coordinator and Instructor). The trio is supported by mom, Mimi Bowman, who serves as DDA's Studio Coordinator and Production Manager.

Juanita Sanders
Owner, Director & Instructor

A message from founder, Juanita Sanders:

"Opening the dance studio was a way for me to embrace my love of dance and allow my creativity to flourish. I envisioned Danzco. to be a positive and nurturing environment for all youth in our area, regardless of self-imposed limitations. I believe through dance, I could help dancers reach deep inside and find that same desire to create something they could take pride in. I not only want to inspire the development of strong bodies, but strong minds that embrace challenges as an opportunity to improve themselves. To me, dance is like air, I live it, I breathe it, I can't imagine my life without it! I thank God everyday for allowing me to share my gift with others as He guides me and inspires me everyday.

My wish to every dancer is "find your passion, then your purpose will emerge and you will be given the power to see it through..."

Angela Downs
Assistant Director & Instructor
Beth Clayton
Team Precision Coordinator & Instructor
Mimi Bowman
Studio Coordinator & Production Manager
Staff photos by: Aimee Westbrook


dance studio in Montgomery texasStudio Mission

The city of Montgomery has the important task of developing the community's youth to their fullest potential. The Danzco. family is proud to share in that task, and realize that they are just one part of a child's development. Through their love of dance and music, DDA's misison is to create a wholesome, stable environment that will allow a child's physical and mental abilities to flourish. Through this success, a more self-confident child will emerge.

DDA's instructional curriculum is blended with individual attention and lots of fun, ensuring students will receive the most uplifting and positive, yet challenging dance instruction. After all, they are Danzco., family owned and operated … where it’s all about the kids!

Danzco. dancers represent the city of Mongomery and also the Conroe, Magnolia and Montgomery County communities. Come dance with us!


Danzco Dance Academy  •  19380 Hwy 105 W  •  Suite 503  •  Montgomery, TX 77356 •  (936) 582-1722  •  danzcodance@yahoo.com

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